Video: AM Eyewear Celebrates 10 Years with “The Journey”

Celebrating 10 years of creating premium optical frames and sunglasses AM Eyewear have released a short 2-minute film that details the design philosophy as well as capturing the human element behind every AM Eyewear frame.

In the film, founder and designer Kumar Ponnusamy explains the intimate process entailing the hands-on, handcrafted and handmade approach to each frame that has remained a unique part of AM Eyewear’s decade-long history.

Beginning by hand with pencil on paper, Ponnusamy approaches eyewear design front an artisanal point of view. Each frame comes to life slowly, first being inspired by an outfit, person or a mood. From this starting point he then describes how the designs move from his hands into that of the master artisans who also add their own stories to every frame, or as Ponnusamy describes it “the process of giving them a soul”.

The result is beautifully handcrafted frames that are conceived, designed and created with a passion, by passionate people.

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