Grenade & Oakley Frogskins L. E.

Grenade Oakley Frogskins L. E. 1 Grenade & Oakley Frogskins L. E.

These Grenade and Oakley Frogskins L.E. are designed for the man who isn’t afraid of a little pink. These limited edition sunglasses provide a massive burst of color and are perfect to offset your fall wardrobe. This is a definite departure from last year’s army green frogskins, a more subdued approach and contrast to this year’s.

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2 thoughts on “Grenade & Oakley Frogskins L. E.

  1. hey kelsey, since this post is from September it’s unlikely that they’re still on the market at this point, being a limited edition. However, alternate networks like ebay, etc are probably a good bet. Happy hunting!

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