ArtAkimbo ‘Nose & Mustache’ Glasses Caddy

il 570xN.223429612 ArtAkimbo ‘Nose & Mustache’ Glasses Caddy

This is one of the coolest eyewear related accessories we have ever seen, without a doubt. Created by ArtAkimbo, this piece is not only a work of art, but a pretty practical little piece to boot! The piece is actually pretty intricate, so we’ll let them explain its construction:

The triangular nose eyeglass stand cast in mint green dyed polished urethane resin, with a swashbuckling mustache that doubles as a pair of hooks to hold your keys and other valuables. The nose is supported by a brass rod inserted into a beehive shaped base. A hook on the back holds the glasses’ stems. Felt bottom.

You can (and should) get yourself one at ArtAkimbo’s Etsy Page.

Purchase your own pair now!

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