Mykita & Martin Margiela Discuss Eyewear Collaboration in “The Joys of Chemistry”

mykita maison martin margiela 001 Mykita & Martin Margiela Discuss Eyewear Collaboration in The Joys of Chemistry

On Mykita’s blog, a recent interview was posted between the CEO of the German eyewear brand, Moritz Kruger and the Parisian fashion house MMM. In it they discuss the logic behind bringing the two brands together, and how the chemistry that they found influenced the final designs. Below is an excerpt of the interview, the full text of which can be found here. The Maison Martin Margiela x Mykita eyewear collection will hit both brands respective retailers starting April 17th, 2014.

What does the brand Maison Martin Margiela signify to you?

Moritz Krüger: Maison Martin Margiela is a free thinker in the world of fashion; they play by their own rules. We adore their conceptual genius and the creative rigour and quality they apply to all creations. MYKITA and Maison Martin Margiela are kindred creative minds and we are very excited about establishing a radical, new eyewear collection together that reflects the synergies of both houses.

Please tell us about the special theme or concept for the MYKITA + MMM models.

Moritz Krüger: The construction of the collaborative frames is based on the fundamental design principle of MYKITA: to create technical solutions that are at the same time aesthetic ones. Our approach is to combine precise handcraft with modern technologies. In the case of MYKITA + Maison Martin Margiela we played with ingredients from both parties creating a new composition. The Essential collection translates historical shapes for eyeglasses into a contemporary context by radically reducing them to their essence using specialised technology. The deconstruction theme becomes visible in the DUAL collection. Born of one form, the piece is deconstructed and divided into pairs. Complementary – but with four independent identities. This collaboration is special because of the zeitgeist it captures. It’s historical but futuristic; state-of-the-art technology is paired with a radically reduced construction, transformational and contemporary at the same time.

mykita maison martin margiela 003 Mykita & Martin Margiela Discuss Eyewear Collaboration in The Joys of Chemistry

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