Arnette Creative Exchange System Shades

Arnette Glory Daze Aces Yellow Black Arnette Creative Exchange System Shades

Arnette has offered a brilliant solution to a problem that plagues the mind of every soul searching for a new pair of shades, versatility. Meet the Arnette Creative Exchange System, or A.C.E.S., a system that allows you to be build and rebuild your shades time after time.

The A.C.E.S collection lets you add coloured plates to your favourite Arnette styles, changing their look to coincide with your outfit, mood, or craving for something new. Four classic frames have been given the A.C.E.S. make over: The Glory Daze, After Party, So Easy, and Swing Plate. You can check out a pair at select Arnette hot spots and Sunglasses Hut’s today.

Enough talking on our end though, let Pro Snowboarder Todd Richardson show you how dope these shades really are.

Introducing the Glory Daze A.C.E.S. from Arnette on Vimeo.

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