Filson FIL1002 Shooting Glasses

Filson FIL 1002 xl Shooting Glasses Filson FIL1002 Shooting Glasses

Time to stop taking the rug rates to the petting zoo and start thin king about hunting season. Here in Canada, fall tends to mean one thing to a lot of men: thermos coffee, early mornings, mackinaw jackets and a good weekend of shooting. What better way to show your outdoorsy prowess than with these FIL1002 shooting glasses from Filson.

Famous for their rugged outerwear, Filson delivers a pewter coloured frame, in nickel free monel. And get this, the antiscratch, antistatic lenses are made from NXT, which is bulletproof, because you know… accidents will happen. Dick Chaney we’re looking at you. Available online.

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