Gucci Eco Friendly Glasses

Gucci Eco Friendly Eyewear Spring Summer 2011 Collection 04 Gucci Eco Friendly Glasses

Licensed manufacturers Safilo will be helping Gucci produce their sustainable eyewear concepts. The eco-friendly frames are made from an acetate, which uses a much higher level of natural materials than the usual plastics used in glasses production. What’s more, in their Eye Web series Gucci will introduce frames which are made of mostly caster oil seeds. Make no mistake according to them, these models will have all the durability of the top plastics currently being used in eyewear. This, they hope will greatly reduce their CO2 emissions.

For further reasons you can research on your own, Gucci of all labels seems to be a leader in sustainable fashion. And we love that. The eco-friendly designs will be available starting in August.

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