Miansai x Mosley Tribes Sunglasses Safety Hooks

Miansai Safety Hooks Miansai x Mosley Tribes Sunglasses Safety Hooks

Accessory brand Miansai delivers on creating jewelry of various kinds. Bracelets, necklaces and keychains have poured out from the brand and has definitely caught sunglass company Mosley Tribes’ attention, which is why the two have collaborated to create safety straps designed for Mosley Tribes sunglasses.

Most of the sunglasses in from Mosley Tribes’ Summer 2012 collection feature cutouts on the earpiece for the silver hooks of the safety straps to latch onto. An ingenious idea that both the brands and the consumer can benefit from.

Mosley Tribes sunglasses are available to purchase from their online store while the Mansai hooks are on pre-order through Mansai.com

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