Mykita ‘Mylon’ Holiday 2013 Collection

New MYKITA MYLON Sunglasses Collection 01 Mykita Mylon Holiday 2013 Collection

German boutique eyewear label Mykita has added four new sunglasses frame styles to their sporty Mylon offshott for Holiday 2013. Crafted through a process called Selective Laser Sintering, the glasses are created layer by layer as a CO2 laser turns a fine polyamide powder in to three-dimensional frames (much like 3D printing). The result is a lightweight, durable frame that can be individually adjusted for each wearer. The ‘Anselme’ and ‘Sylvain’ models are both variations on the classic plastic aviator and come with add-on side clips that protect from the wearer from wind, dust and peripheral glare. Inspired by 1950s alpine goggles, the lenses are made from durable mineral glass and reveal the Mykita logo when fogged up by breath. The remaining two models are contrasting styles with the ‘Luxon’ being a thin rounded optical frame, while the ‘Titan’ is a robust rectangular sunglass. Each of the styles come in various neutral colorways including black, brown, grey and blue. To see the full Mylon collection from Mykita, head over to the Mykita site.

New MYKITA MYLON Sunglasses Collection 02 Mykita Mylon Holiday 2013 Collection

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