The RVS V Gold Collection

RVS Gold Collection1 The RVS V Gold Collection

What originally began as “Rare Vintage Sunglasses” which supplied eyewear boutiques with vintage finds, RSV stepped out on their own and have been quietly producing highly exclusive frames since 2006. The idea behind the matte designs was to produce glasses which focuses more on quality than quantity.

In this latest release, RVS delivers the ‘Gold’ collection. Each frame is not only finished in gold but bears gold coloured mirrored lenses. The sunglasses run, will consist of the “Morro”, “Ze” and “Sugar,” (20 of each). In addition, there will be two RX models also created called the “Sweet” and the “Noah.” (100 of each)

RSV attempts, with the Gold collection, to produce stylish glasses, which will last a life time. Available soon.

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