Share L.G.R. ‘Cape Town’ Limited Edition Sunglasses

LGR freetown limited edition sunglasses 01 Share L.G.R. ‘Cape Town’ Limited Edition Sunglasses

L.G.R. has released a very limited edition collection of sunglasses that are a part of their Raw Series. At only 1.88mm thick, these are one of the thinnest and lightest pair of polarised glasses available on the market today. Don’t let the degree of thickness fool you though, because these frames are made with celluloid acetate, a highly durable material that can bend without breaking.

Another glorious feature are the deep blue neophan lens which adopts technology from the 1940s developed for fighter pilots to enhance color perception and contrast of image while in the air. Get these exclusive shades before they run out at Oki-ni.

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