Paloma Picasso Vintage 3711 Flat Top

Paloma Picasso Vintage Flattop1 Paloma Picasso Vintage 3711 Flat Top

I can’t say enough about the access we have these days to deadstock eyewear. Seems every week, a new warehouse of retro specs is being unchained and looted of its bounty.

This recent find comes by way of Italian designer Paloma Picasso. Known for her eccentric designs, the vintage end of her amazing frames are being snapped up by today’s young celebs.

These oversized flattops, are an all black plastic rim with dark purple, metal arms and accents. Gradient lenses make them ideal for low light conditions and tiny loops on the ear hooks, allow you to hang them around your neck on a chain or rope, (big in the 80s).

A nice unisex design from Paloma Picasso. Available online.

Purchase your own pair now!

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