Vuarnet Citylynx

Vuarnet Citylynx Vuarnet Citylynx

There was a time not long ago, when Vuarnet ruled the roost at most ski hills and beaches across the world. The painfully 80s aesthetic of the classic Vuarnet cuts have exploded the brand into legendary status. This is compounded by the amounts being fetched, for their vintage models and even reissued styles.

Here we have possibly the most iconic frame to ever come out of Vuarnet and the entire 80s. Called the Citylynx, this horn rimmed/wellington style is part of Vuarnet’s nylon collection. The extremely lightweight and robust material makes the Citylynx ideal for active sports. What’s more the oily mirrored, retro lenses harken back to a time of John Hughes innocence and Duran Duran influence. Get this awesome accessory online here.

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