Video: Buehl SpeakGoggle G33

buhel speakgoggle g33 intercom Video: Buehl SpeakGoggle G33

Here at FrameGeek we pretty much freak-out over anything with a lens, so with a few shorts months of winter left, the Buhel G33 Intercom ski goggles really got our attention. Designed with walkie-talkie and Bluetooth technology, these goggles allow you to communicate with your friends out on the slopes (or when using bluetooth, anyone that calls your phone). The SpeakGoggles feature lenses with 100% UV protection, anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings, and also have a headset, battery, microphone incorporated into the sleek design. All you need is a touch on a button of the goggles to activate the walkie-talkie mode and communicate with friends who are around you (up to 6). The Bluetooth technology covers distances of up to 500 meters! For anyone that’s ever tried to pull their cell phone out on the slopes, tapping away as their fingers grow numb, this is a godsend. Check out the video below for more info.

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