Mykita Releases “Mylon” First Optical Collection

mykita mylon first optical collection 1 Mykita Releases Mylon First Optical Collection

Progressive eyewear purveyors Mykita start off 2013 with an ambitious new optical collection centered around the material ‘Mylon’. Mylon is an extremely versatile synthetic, well suited to the kind of use and abuse your frames will inevitably take. As an added bonus, it’s extremely pliable in terms of the manufacturing process, so Mykita can do what they do best when it comes to design, unhindered. While the ‘Phoneix’ and ‘Pluto’ models are a nod at classic silhouettes of the past, the ‘Pelot’ and ‘Basky’ take on round and panto shapes popular in the 20’s and add a contemporary twist. Expect this new collection to hit Mykita retailers worldwide in the coming months.

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