Burberry ‘Brights’ Foldable Sunglasses

Burberry Brights Foldable Sunglasses 3 Burberry Brights Foldable Sunglasses

True to their British roots, Burberry has now released their “Brightly Coloured Foldable Sunglasses” for the upcoming summer season. With bold colors offered such as opal, spearmint, pollen, citrus, as well as the more traditional white, black, and tortoiseshell hues, the sunglasses are bound to make any summer wardrobe pop.

The sunglasses fold at the center and temples into a surprisingly small, almost palm-sized case, while the unfolded frame’s nearly-invisible creases renders the Burberry ‘Brights’ a truly remarkable accessory. Select colors are available at the Burberry online store now.

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