Gotti Switzerland Summer Collection

Gotti Switzerland Summer Collection Gotti Switzerland Summer Collection

Every specs designer has one thing on their mind these days, “back to the 80s.” Yes the wild and often forgotten frames of the 1980s have returned over the last few seasons with a vengeance. Gotti Switzerland have heeded the call with this new summer collection, in colourful metals and acetates. Furthermore, the sunglasses run in particular, features Gotti’s “Spin & Stow” technology, which allows the wearer to flip the arms and flatten the entire frames for easy and safe storage.

The Gotti Switzerland summer line takes it’s inspiration from the point at which, men began wearing bright polo shirts instead of button ups. And, looking at the collection here, the European sportswear craze of the 1980s is indeed what drives this line. The new Gotti Switzerland designs are available in stores.

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