Limited Edition Rapha-FOCUS Oakley Jawbone for Auction

Rapha Oakley Cross Jawbone 9 2011 0002 thumb 500x333 23983 Limited Edition Rapha FOCUS Oakley Jawbone for Auction

Rapha has quickly developed a cult following, so we won’t be surprised when the 10 limited edition pairs of Oakley Jawbone’s they’re auctioning off go for a lot of money, & fast. In a program to raise funds for the Rapha-FOCUS cyclocross team, the custom-crafted Jawbones were painted to match the Rapha-FOCUS team kit. The colorful glasses come in a unique carry-bag and three sets of interchangeable lenses, with the Rapha logo etched into the primary set. Details for the auction are as follows:

– The auction page will go live on on Monday, October 10, ending Friday, October 14. (bidding starting each day at 12:01am PDT (GMT-8), closing at 11:59pm PDT)
– The minimum bid will begin at $250.
– Email offers to: This is a private-bid email auction with the two highest offers winning the two pair each day.
– The winning offers from each day’s auction will be announced via Twitter. (@rapharacing and @rapha_n_america)

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