Oakley ‘Acid Tortoise’ Frogskins Series

oakley acid tortoise frogskins series 6 Oakley Acid Tortoise Frogskins Series

Oakley will be releasing a new series of Frogskins for this Spring/Summer 2012 season and here is a full look at this unique pack dubbed the “Acid Tortoise” series. We see the tortoise pattern used in a more colorful fashion with brighter colors like pink, orange, green and blue; and if color is not your thing, there’s a black pair, too. Each pair comes with an Oakley Iridium lens that is optimized with High Definition Optics.

Also, the black, blue and orange feature lenses that increase visual contrast and boost depth perception, while the pink and green give off neutral transmissions to help maintain color recognition. Look for these to hit Oakley retailers sometime around mid-April.

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