“Scooter” – By Pierre Eyewear

What Would Be ITALY without Vespa by Pierre Eyewear Scooter   By Pierre Eyewear

Let’s start things right. We ran across these gems, first thing in the morning and had to get them up. Coming out of newly noticed French designers Pierre Eyewear, these insane concept specs are appropriately called, “Scooter.”

These art pieces are hardly an easy wear, but we love it when designers get outside of consumer styles once in a while, and just create for the sake of art.

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2 thoughts on ““Scooter” – By Pierre Eyewear

  1. Hi there,

    Thank you so much for the clarification. Based on the information we found on these frames, the original title seemed right. Nevertheless we have made that edit to the post and are now officially calling them, “Scooter.”

    We truly appreciate your feedback and look forward to writing more about Pierre Eyewear. Please feel free to send any future product specs or information regarding Pierre releases to erik.adler@everyguyed.com. Cheers.

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