Interview: Jo Eaton of Eye Heart Glasses

JoEaton Interview: Jo Eaton of Eye Heart Glasses

Frame Geek chats with Jo Eaton of Eye Heart Glasses to find out what the blogger is most passionate about – eyewear.

Framegeek: Please introduce your site. When did you start it and what was the biggest challenge you’ve faced in creating a blog primarily for eyewear?
Jo Eaton: My site is called Eye Heart Glasses. I started it in October 2008 on a whim when I was having a boring afternoon and couldn’t find any eyewear fashion blogs. There were certainly quite a few fashion blogs posting about new frames, but not often enough for me. So I just started my own.

Framegeek: To what degree is your site a reflection of your own personal interests?
Jo Eaton: I think it’s all a reflection of my personal interests. Sometimes I post about things like music or magazines that have very tenuous connections to eyewear related topics.

Framegeek: What type of audience did you expect when you decided to launch your blog? Has that changed greatly or has it remained somewhat the same?
Jo Eaton: Outside of my friends and family who were already asking if I would go frame shopping with them before I started the blog, I didn’t expect an audience at all. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number of super lovely eyewear industry people that I am now in touch with because of Eye Heart Glasses.

Framegeek: What influences did you have that led to your passion for eyewear?
Jo Eaton: I’m a bit of a tomboy, but I’m still a magpie when it comes to shiny stuff. I’m quite useless at makeup and jewellery, but I’ve always been really good at picking glasses and haircuts. People always used to comment on my glasses, so that made me think about eyewear more.

Framegeek: We’ve learned a lot when writing about eyewear. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learnt writing about eyewear?
Jo Eaton: The most interesting thing I’ve learnt is that most of the licensed designer brands are all made by the same few companies.

Framegeek: What advice can you offer someone who is interested in starting their own blog?
Jo Eaton: Make it about something you’re truly passionate about, otherwise it’s difficult to motivate yourself to update on top of everything else (work, social life…) in your life. I know I’m passionate about eyewear and music, but I still have problems motivating myself to post on my blogs.

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